Our Family


As the leader of our family and a leading visionary for the Hospital of Hope, Todd had a passion for the people of northern Togo, joining ABWE in 2003 to head to Togo. Being a certified physician assistant, he worked tirelessly both in ABWE’s southern hospital in Kpelé Tsiko and at the Hospital of Hope to bring healing, both spiritual and physical to the people of Togo. One of the greatest days of his life was on March 26, 2015, when he, along with the entire Hospital of Hope staff and the president of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé held a celebration to commemorate the opening of the Hospital of Hope. For the next year, he worked alongside the supportive Hospital of Hope team to serve the people of the region. On March 26, 2016, the Lord called Todd home to heaven. His wife and sons, though heartbroken, pray that God would use this great loss for His great glory. They rejoice at heaven’s gain and struggle to persevere in carrying the light of the Gospel to the people of West Africa.


As the mother of four boys and the wife of a busy surgeon, Jennifer found her life very fulfilling. She spent much of her time discipling and conversing with Togolese women as well as helping organize the schedules of short-term visitors to the hospital. When Todd was called to heaven in March of 2016, she and the boys returned to the United States to hold a memorial service in his memory. However, despite their great loss, they are still called to Togo and will continue to serve God in Mango. She will be helping more the chaplaincy ministry in hospital, speaking truth into the lives of patients, praying for both physical and spiritual healing.


At the age of 16 and in his sophomore year of high school, William did not expect the sudden loss of his father. He had up until then focused mostly on his studies, though he spent the summer before working in the operating room with Todd. Now, he is attempting to step into a new role, as he also prepares for his last years of high school. He hopes to continue in the OR in his spare time, and continue to build relationships with his friends and coworkers.


As a high school student and a phlebotomist in the Hospital of Hope lab, Grant works hard to build friendships and relationships with those around him and to serve God. He enjoys his job very much, and plans to continue in that role.


When pills need to be counted, Luke is there to count them. In addition to his studies, he spends days when he does not have school in the pharmacy, counting pills and helping to fill prescriptions. He works with a great team including one pharmacist and several technicians, all of which he has befriended and enjoys spending time with.


As the youngest of four boys, Andrew does his best to keep up with his brothers. He enjoys visiting them at at work, as well as spending time with others in the hospital. He has many friends and spends much of his time at his studies, playing, or just reading.